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Let Me Be Your Guide

Do you want change? Are you seeking guidance that will enable your innate ability for transformation? With my holistic approach to Wellness Coaching, I help you go inward to unite all aspects of your being. Your greatest lessons are explored and implemented. We outline a plan of action together, and I help you get inspired to carry it through. Listen to your inner being if you are being called to start your healing journey towards wholeness. I am here for you. Please read below the services that I offer, so you may choose what is best for you. And if you're not sure, you can book a FREE initial consultation to gain the clarity you need. I look forward to speaking with you!

Love and light- Ayah


Manifest transformation

I provide guidance, plans of action, tools for self-implementation, accountability, an ear to hear, whatever you need, you'll find it here. Click below to learn more about my services. 


Health & Wellness Coaching with Ayah

In the comfort of your own home, via phone call, or Zoom. We will discuss your concerns, and create a plan of action together. Based on your circumstances, I will help you align your thoughts and energy to reach your goal.


Bodhiveda Rituals is a lifestyle brand of products created to uplift one's daily living habits.  Each product is made with a specific intention, to connect you with the essence of creation. I believe in sustainability, truth, and integrity, and am very proud to offer you the finest natural ingredients available. By supporting these products, you also support all that they stand for. Helping humanity grow and evolve, through awakening the knowledge that lives in each one of us. Affirmations are a main part of Bodhiveda Rituals, and each product comes with its own. Our daily rituals sustain our healthy lifestyles. I would love for you to try one for yourself. 

   Handcrafted Deodorant  

Thank You Divine Warrior

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