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Spiritual Seeds

To become unloved and de-nurtured in our minds, is to grow old and die. The seeds of Truth, passed on, enable one to fly. No more shall we cry, for we've already died, awaiting evil man's pride.

Now we lay hands on what's to come, taking up the glory to the Son. Evermore shall it be, for our Father in heaven, life eternally. Alaha-essence of Being. To you, no longer are we reaching, for you are here, what we've been seeking. Love, nurturance; qualities latent within, we find, are there to begin.

Our Soul's glow, energized with the chance to know, that what we put in the fire's kindle, will begin to bellow and grow.

These words are an expression for the essence of Life that dwells within our Soul. If we take the time to go within and breathe, letting go of our anxieties and worries, we Will See. By doing this daily, we make space for divine energy to work for us and through us, and we will FEEL the joy kindling in our being. My friends, Remember who you are, it is within you to Know. Remember.........

Love and Light to you all.

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