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On Character

Each morning we wake up, we have a choice. A choice to be aware of our thoughts and actions, or a choice to be on autopilot, unaware of how we are behaving. Now the latter isn't a destructive thing, if our autopilot download is one of peace, harmony and love. But I think for most of us, this takes some effort. Life happens! People do and say hurtful things, curveballs are thrown, landslides, whirlwinds and everything else that can throw us off. But these happenings are all a test of character, of moral fortitude, that mold us into the beings we are truly, without the guises of negative human emotions that plunder us and everyone around us. Today, I am making a conscious choice to think and act from a place of love, not even completely understanding, but trusting that it is th kind thing to do. Not only for myself, but the world around me. Please be kind, and think about each action and decision you make, because it DOES have an effect on our world. Love to you all.

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